Social Buddy's Terms with Conditions

Words Agreement

Our agreement is not just a piece of text but a completely legitimate and valid binding between both of us two parties. Social Buddy is localized at “5 Sullivan Court, Corack East, Victoria, 3480”. This is your ticket to our website alongside other applications.

Our site’s services to enlist:

  • Improvement in digital performance
  • A must treaty to our terms plus conditions
  • Apologies from us if you don’t want to dwell
  • Upgraded aka revised data must be revisited by you
  • Your continued use means acceptance of all upgradation

Sticky Note

Join us if you are over the legal age which is 18 years old. Please leave this website if you are underaged.”

Our Aids to Formulate

All the content which belongs to our site and is available on the internet comes under our licensed protocol.

  • Trademarks and patents are our defensives.
  • Our content is available online for your help and any type of guidance.
  • But if you bluntly try to steal, reproduce, copy, publish or any other misuse, you will be accountable for the next actions.
  • After your age verification, we furnish you with a momentary customer license which grants you the permit of using our content but not as non-personal and commercial.
  • Social Buddy site has been made up under strict actions and also as a detector of viruses if your intended content contained any.

Link to Ambiguous Parties

There is a high possibility of many third parties getting featured on our website but these are not our supported ones.

  • But, if you believe them and want to try, then do it on your own responsibility.
  • We will not be questioned about any misshaping.
  • Social buddy do not take obligations about the content following that link
  • Third parties and their adverts are not our responsibility either.

After knowing all this, if you still go for it then it’s your drawbacks

Governance of Our Website

Our specialized team is highly trained and they know how to

  • Deal with people performing unauthorized acts on the website.
  • Eradicate people and substance which feels like an impediment on the site
  • Function our website and work for the preservation of everyone’s properties and liberties
  • Our claim is not a 100% viruses and bugs-free website but this problem will be on the lowest level possible
  • Working on the information configuration and usage of computer technologies comes under your responsibility
  • Virus protectors are highly advised

Social Buddy’s Site: Modernization and Attainability

Social buddy is totally authorized to change and do modern modifications at any time without any restriction of pre announcements. 

  • They are also eligible to remove a content they find unnecessary and ambiguous
  • There could be many issue like software maintenance and these problems could cause many delays due to interruptions
  • Your inabilities of accessing our website or other deformities will not be entertained
  • Discontinues and downtime moments are the part of businesses
  • Any updates and corrections of the website are not bound to us.
  • Various other details like availability, pricing, descriptions are must answered points

Helping Hand

All of our visiting parties and users are bound to ratify our services at any cost.

  • Firstly, there is no guarantee of the anticipated No of views, followers, shares and likes etc
  • Secondly, continual and consecutive website service cannot be promised
  • Thirdly, changing of account setting from a public to a private one could cause problems and the blame will completely be on the customers themselves
  • Moreover, customer clearly knows what they are buying so they could not engage in any deceitful behavior during payments
  • Any type of changing rights are completely ours and we can modify them without any notice

Further More

  • Advertising of the third party is also a part of our services plus we are not blamed for any reactions
  • Use social buddy at your hazard because it does not go side by side with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
  • Deletion of your accounts is not our problem because we are totally out of this. We do not save your details even on our website, let alone give them to others

Constraints of Drawback

As we have already mentioned that we are not liable for any type of misfortune, downfall and delays until or unless something happens which we have never mentioned in our “terms and conditions” part.

  • Consequently, No guarantee will be taken by the site authorizers, about the absoluteness and exactness.

We only take commitments for two situations

  1. No Matter Who You are: A businessman or consumer
  • It is our headache if there is any negligence that has been perpetrated by our employees or any other happenings that could cause death or serious personal suffering.
  • We will take accountability only if there is any failure on our part, in the fulfillment of these terms.
  1. Only Consumers
  • Our site is for domestic usage not for business purposes. But if you still use our content then we are not a dependable site to take any blame.
  • If our digital services turn out to be faulty then we will compensate you in one way or another.

Words and Ailments

Our words and ailments will remain applicable with strict patterns. Besides this, you can terminate these conditions by unsubscribing from our web services. This termination process is available on your account. Just contact our team at

There is a possibility of your subscription getting cancelled without any notice, if we se you violating any condition mentioned above.


All things in one detail are encompassed in our site visits, email, and electronic communication. We also take your consent before starting communication electronically. Moreover, our directions, rules, ordinances, regulations and all others are precisely signatures by authorities. These agreements constitute a sense of compassion between us and our customers. Compensations are completely on us if any negligence of conditions, from our side, takes place.