Refund Policy

Sometimes, there are situations when a customer suddenly feels a change of mind situation. And in such scenarios, they can withdraw their order within the twenty-fourth hour of the day. But, once the order processing began, no one can claim his or her money unless it covers our acts in the refund policies.

We have complete and precise commodities for our customers. Besides all this, we have facilitated them as much as we could. For more inquiries please email us at the


As you can clearly see from the name that it is a legal process. Social buddy will never pay your money back for free certifications and services. Every single process on our website occurs to be the most realistic one. works in harsh circumstances with integrity and hard endeavor.

We make sure that you will face no dilemmas in future because of this refunding process. That is why, we do comprehend all the steps in an entirely legal manner.

Claim for Refund

Social buddy will never entertain you with the facility of a refund after the deliverance of your complete order. Of course, if there stands any issue then we will deem redemption but not in case of your mind change.

Moreover, if your followers decrease due to any reason, we will refill them instead of a reimbursement.

A Whole Month

You will have to take action within the given tenure because after your month-based relaxation, there will be no guarantee of your money back. Same as a refill option, it will also be invalid after thirty days of your order completion. There are specific binders like you are not eligible to file for a refund if the problem is the fruit of your own mistakes. For example, if you change the name of your account and this causes issues in order deliverance then we are not here to be blamed.

Social Media Apps and Their Policies

All of the social media apps are running under different rules. These rules are part of their policies. Mostly, all the apps have the same kind of policies but they can vary according to the essence of their services. There are some behaviors that almost every app condemns. Such demeanor’s are as follows:

  1. No nudity is approved by any of the forum
  2. Violence is also forbidden
  3. Making accounts while deluding to be someone else
  4. Harassment in any way is not allowed, no matter what!

There are many more but the most prominent ones have been discussed here.


Social buddy works while having only one purpose in mind and that is the providence of our services such as likes, followers, views, shares etc. We do not have any other hidden motives or fishy intentions to impose on you. We respect you, your preferences and your privacy.


Our team works for the betterment of our system. We do not annoy or embarrass anyone over any of their information. Social buddy uses your details for business purposes only and you could never penetrate your doubts about us.


If you ask us for sincere advice then we will be happy to blow this bubble for you. And assure you that you will never find something really cool and easygoing as this before. You will never be able to find an equivalent site to get your favorite services. There is also nothing like achieving our goals of getting likes with natural methods such as giveaways and promotions through friends.

Refund is allowed but the refill problem is still not occurring to be solved. This means no refill or even refund processing can be made after the completion of the days margin in a covenant store.

Delayed Delivery

Social Buddy does not deliver bots and real people ask for nothing bus a sufficient time. There is a probability that we take more time than the one we have mentioned in our content pages. But this estimated time could never be fixed. Sometimes, it takes less time than expected and vice versa. On the other hand, if you are confronting such issues you can contact us any time you want. We will look for an appropriate solution as well as refills, if needed.

There will be no refund money over such a situation.


The quality could never be rectified but quantity prevails beforehand. Our system always fills your order with extra amounts but if you find them lesser than they should be, then we fill and refill them. All you need is to contact us at Furthermore, all the features you buy from us are completely your responsibility and we do not take any kind of risk on our heads.

Relinquishing Counts

Sometime people do not seem to like your content and they are inclined towards subscription and we can not change their minds. What you can do in such circumstances? Of course, you have other opportunities like contacting us and demanding more. We will try to suggest you proper treatments but a refund option have already gone far from your reach. Revise our traits, once again

Refill or refund is only available between 30 days and under specific conditions

We will never provide a refill option if you are not under our criteria.