Privacy Policy

First and foremost, if you see any condition in this policies that seems off to you, please unsubscribe us instantly! We are here with the expectation that you will read this policy with great zeal as it is really an important part to check.

Besides all this, thank you for choosing social buddy as we are worried about your security even more than you. For detailed inquiries, email us at

Must Preferred Figures

  • We store the information that you give us voluntarily when you decide to join our services
  • Information collected by our algorithm notice your behavior like communication, your package choices, etc
  • Gathered information comprises your IP address, OS, preferences, country and device name, etc
  • You gave us a piece of knowledge but it must be authentic and true. Also, inform us in the case of any changes

Covert Statics

Social Buddy respects your privacy and choices. They share your information publically only if you agreed with them. 

  • They only suggest you to the other corporations to get you pertinent information
  • Another time when we see our website is sharing your data when it is really necessary and legal
  • Moreover, social buddy shares your personal data when it is a juridical need or court orders
  • Sometimes such situations arise in which you find yourself bound to share someone’s information like at the time of the fraud detection etc

Cookies you Confront on this Site

As all other websites and businesses do, social buddy also prefers cookies to amass public knowledge. Furthermore, we do not use some typical ways instead we use cookies plus for our tracking.

Tapes of Our Patrons

  • Social buddy keeps your information safe and sound as it is mentioned in the policy but opens it only in front of legislation.
  • We keep your data as long as it is required otherwise, it gets destroyed by our privacy controller team
  • As we have your data is stored in our backups too consequently it can never be deleted but we will make it anonymous and save it in some secure place where no one could reach


Many technical and administrative tools are used by social buddy to keep your information in the safest place ever. However, we claim your information to be saved with us, we know no invention happens until now which can secure you with 100% margin. So, security from cyber crimes and hackers will be difficult but we all do as much as we can.

Even though we provide our own qualified data security still sending your information to and fro can be risky enough.

Below Average Customers

Social buddy does not excite children who are below the average age rate to enter into our website. You can join us with the fake birth date but we can still detect your real age from your information. And in this case, we will immediately deactivate your account and you will also lose your latter opportunity of joining us.

If such a case goes on under our nose and you know that then inform us on

Strategy and Its Offered Rights

Some sites accept cookies automatically on your behalf but we prefer to send you a notification if you do not accept them, you will feel some missing features on our website.


We always try to remain relevant and competent in the field of socialism. This means we can alter these policies whenever we want, without any prior hint for you.